Daniele Pagliero _ laptop _ analogic and electronic instruments
Stefano Giust _ electronic percussion pads

Ipersensity is a duo who plays electronic improvised music, much influenced by minimal techno research, since 2001. They have played some gigs, but it’s basically a studio project. The work on their two albums was organized as follows: Pagliero sends live sounds — via midi connection — to eight electronic pads, which are played in real-time by Giust, with drum sticks. In this way, the choises of each musician are directly reflected on the other musician’s work. They both don’t know where the music will go, cause it goes to its way, regardless from their possible intentions. In practice, the sound produced by each pad (its heights, its timbre, its volume and its attack) could change in any moment, offering a shifting base for a percussive work as much free. This method seems to meet the typical sensitivity/needs of a free improvisation duo. Sound development and rythmic movement, two elements usually depending by a single musician, are the inextricable result of the two players. Pagliero is therefore responsible for the sound choise, while Giust’s role is to playing and composing in real time a music, based on constantly changing material. No overdubs.




















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